Louis Fabian Bachrach

Portrait Photographer


Boston                 1-617-536-4730

New York City    1-212-755-6233

Greenwich, CT    1-203-661-0667


     Continuing a tradition of excellence and innovation that dates back to the Civil War, I provide customized, personalized portrait photography of the highest quality.

     My great Grandfather, David Bachrach opened his first studio in 1868 in Baltimore. He had served as an assistant photographer during the Civil War working for Harper's Weekly. My Great Grandfather produced remarkable photographs under adverse conditions using materials that were hardly consistent. Eastman Kodak wasn't founded until 1888; commercially manufactured film wasn't available. David Bachrach would be amazed to see today's computer based technology. My business has been 100% digital since 2001. Photograph of David

     My Grandfather, Louis Fabian Bachrach expanded a small local operation into a national organization. By 1929, there were 48 Bachrach studios. L.F.B. had two sons, Fabian and Bradford. They spent their entire lives in the photography business. I started in 1964 working summers. By the time that I had graduated from college, I had learned many lab and studio skills. In 1996, I left my position of Chairman of the Board of Bachrach Inc. to go into business for myself. LFB, Fabe and Brad.

     We live in a age where personal service is almost non existent. Most modern companies run you through a phone maze when you call. They don't even answer the phones at the White House!!!! Very few companies see things from the customer's point of view.  The cornerstone of my business is personalized service. I am a one man operation. I book all my assignments, I make all the photographs, I take all the orders, I do all my own finishing, (including digital retouching) and oversee the printing. Every task is performed without compromise. Total artist control means better quality and faster service.

     My brother Robert retired in 2018, I'm still making photographs in the traditional Bachrach style and enjoying every minute of it.


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