How does that old John Lennon lyric go???


"Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them....

Over the years, I have been very fortunate to meet and befriend so many wonderful people from within the Bachrach organization. The people I've listed below have profoundly influenced me. It is necessary to acknowledge them.

My Father, Fabian Bachrach, my Uncle Bradford, and Herb Talerman should be listed first and foremost. A day hasn't past, in the last 25 years when I don't think of some small tidbit of knowledge that they imparted to me.

Roupen Agopian, Vic Penna, Ed Jaskulski, Bill Hocutt, Gerry Beytia, Jim Purcell, Clarence White and John Wolters were all great Bachrach photographers. I still emulate their work and admire their talent.

There were so many wonderful people that worked in our studios. I feel compelled to mention Faith Russell, Chuck Beever, Jackie Lange, Bonnie Poe, Ken Carpenter, and Cedric Jordon.

Our Watertown headquarters and lab also had some extraordinarily talented and memorable characters. Special acknowledgments go out to Eleanor Lobdell, Dick Robicheau, Norah Hurd, Vaike Olvet, Kay Washburn, Phyllis Seddon, Peggy Burke and Lucy Chapman.

The final person to be mentioned is by far the most important. She has been my strongest supporter, my wife and partner for over 40+ years, my dearest friend Carlin.


 .....In my life, I love you more."