Corporate Photography


This is something of a specialty. In most cases, my business patrons need a high quality retouched JPEG file with full publication rights, multiple publication prints and a very fast turn-around. I can usually ship  finished work in one day, at no extra charge.

There are special rates available for multiple sittings on location. Often times, I'm brought into an office to photograph a complete executive team. Usually for a website, a annual report, or a brochure. Let me give you a quote.



Larry Ellison

CEO, Oracle


Carol Bartz



Eric Schmidt



Gilda Nogueira

President & CEO

East Cambridge Savings Bank


Vinton Cerf 

Father of the Internet


Cynthia Hartwell



Chuck Gesche

Founder, Adobe


Peter Gevalt

Commodore, Nantucket Yacht Club


Bill Gates



Carol McMullen and Troy


Newton Wellesley Hospital


Nolan Bushnell

Founder, Atari Inc.


Lawrence Auriana and Hans Utsch

Kaufmann Fund